Introducing the Agitating Faithfully Summer Scripture Study series!

As a child growing up in the Baptist church, one of my favorite pastimes was summer Vacation Bible School. I would always look forward to lining up on the church steps waiting for the VBS bell to ring and spending four or five nights a week engaged in scripture study, music, games and arts & crafts. Now that I’m an adult (and a Mormon) those days are over, but I’ll never outgrow my love for the Scriptures- and my love for summer Scripture study.

Last week, I was feeling overwhelmed with all that had transpired in the MoFem community - as we all were. While I was busy complaining to my husband, he quietly pulled out the Nook and began quizzing me, using an LDS Scripture Mastery game. (rather odd for a man who is not even LDS, right?) He was astounded at how well I knew the Scriptures! At that moment, I was reminded of the hours spent as a kid in VBS and how much I used to love studying the Bible. Since we shy away from using the term “Bible” in the LDS church (see II Nephi 29:6), the idea for a Summer Scripture Study was born.

So what’s different about studying the Scriptures with Agitating Faithfully? First, I read the Scriptures a little differently than most. I hold two advanced degrees in theology (and am hoping to go back for a doctorate soon), so the perspective you will receive will lean more towards the scholarly side. - And I read the Scriptures using a feminist hermeneutic. (that’s a fancy academic term for “interpretation”)- I wouldn’t be running Agitating Faithfully if I wasn’t a feminist, right? In addition, I gravitate towards those scriptures that are not likely to be covered in Sunday school (or VBS, for that matter), so this as a chance to probe into some of the deeper mysteries of the Scriptures. No "light" summer reading to be found here! (ha!)

Oh, and you may also- from time to time- get the input of our official mascot Judson the Parakeet. - He’s becoming quite the opinionated budgie, now that he is learning to talk! - So be on the lookout for our "Judson Says...." additional commentary.

So we hope you enjoy our Agitating Faithfully Summer Scripture Series! Our first lesson will be on Mark 4:12 “Lest they be Converted.”… Stay tuned!
We will feature a new Bible study each week, and you are invited to join the conversation!


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