While so many courageous women stepped out in their dresses to their Stake Centers to watch the Priesthood Session of General Conference Fall 2014, I chickened out. Well sort of.

Okay, I “budgied” out.

I stayed home and watched Priesthood session with my parakeet Judson, our official mascot.

Trust me when I say, it was not my intent to be disrespectful. However, Judson and I were making our own feminist statement….in our own little unique way.

This past year has not been easy for those of us who believe women should hold the Priesthood. I have had my own struggles with this issue as I have tried carefully in the past couple of months to “toe the line” because I believe I do have a strong testimony of the Gospel and have made it a personal goal to go to the Temple this year.

At the same time, I do have my personal convictions concerning the role of women, and they don’t seem to be changing anytime soon!

So when I found out Ordain Women was performing this local action, part of me wanted to participate, but the other part of me knew I could not. And it hurt.

So I decided to stay home and watch the Priesthood session.

But I was not going to be silent about it!

After all, the Priesthood Session is now broadcasted live for all to see!

Watching the Priesthood session with Judson was interesting, to say the least. He is a very lively bird, and I think he worships our Heavenly Parents in his own little unique budgie way.

He sang along with “Rise Up O Men of God.” And my little bird can sing!

And then he talked all the way through the first conference talk. Yes, talked!

Mostly he just repeated his usual phrases.

I told him to be quiet and listen to the talks, and after that, I think he got the message!

Judson and I had fun watching Priesthood session together. But most of all, we made a statement.

And most importantly, we broke no rules!