Our Father and our Mother
Have a very special child.
He is our older Brother,
With manners meek and mild.

His sisters and His brothers,
We love Him oh, so much,
And we know there are no others
Who can match His loving touch.

We gathered in a council,
Conducted by our Father,
Who said, "I need one to fulfil
A mission like no other."

The voting was unanimous
By all who loved each other
Yet another's voice was venomous
Against our Heavenly Father.

Our Mother's heart was broken
As harsh words that son did speak,
But the Eldest gave a token
That our Father's will He'd seek.

He said, "I'll go to glorify the name
Of our Father, kind and loving."
But the other wanted fame,
So he started others shoving.

A fight ensued which saddened all
To know that one we loved
Had lifted up his prideful heart to fall,
His wicked plan...to rule above!

Our family grieved the tragic loss,
One-third the family's total,
Because one tried to be the boss,
A great controlling Mogul.

But though the loss was greatly felt
Among our family's hosts,
With burning joy our hearts did melt
Our shout shook earthbound coasts.

The plan complete, the first came down
His life endured the testing.
Obedient Son received the crown,
And now is ever resting.

Oh what joy our Parents feel
To know their Son's returned,
Now His brothers and His sisters kneel
When we find our souls...He earned!

© Diana M. Isham

Based on the following passages of Scripture:  Job 28: 4,7, Jeremiah 1:5, Isaiah 14: 12-14, (mournfully lamented) and 15, Rev. 12: 7-10
(clarifies more fully Isaiah's lamentation). Also see Ensign, "The Lord as a Role Model for Men and Women"  1980: www.lds.org.